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Oscar A. BachoirWelcome !

Pedro Oscar Bachoir Caparó better known as Oscar A. Bachoir. He was a many-sided artist and a creative, spiritual and intellectual being who left us his essence through his writings. Believing in liberty, justice and love, he dreamed of publishing books of his work. We invite you to scour the magical world he created as a testimony of his deepest love for philosophy and literature.

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(10-24-1997) Licensed in Philosophy - with your Grandmother Doris Caparó

Pedro Oscar Bachoir Caparó was born in Arequipa, Peru on August 28, 1967.

Without a word of farewell, he left us with sorrow when he passed away on November 21, 2003.

Oscar A. Bachoir acquired his elementary and high school education from 1974-'84 at La Salle School in Arequipa, and studied in 1982-'83 at Downey High School in Downey, California. In 1986-'87, he expanded his education in Philosophy at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, and from 1988-'93, studied law at the Catholic University Santa María in Arequipa.

At age 13, Oscar had founded the Cultural Society "SK," or "Star King" in Arequipa and at 16, founded a library in coordination with the Cultural Society. At 19, he was professor of English at the Peruvian Cultural Institute and at 21, published his first children's story, "El Libertador de los Gatos" ("The Liberator of the Cats"). At 22, he published the first edition of his novel, "La Ciudad de Las Almas Perdidas" ("The City of the Lost Souls").

By 24, Oscar was professor of languages at University of San Agustin in Arequipa, and in 1991, he published the second edition of "La Ciudad de las Almas Perdidas" (both editions were sold out). In 2001, he published "Tiempo y Espacio" ("Time and Space"), a scientific and philosophic essay for social sciences students. On January 18, 2002, he earned a Doctor's degree of philosophy from the prestigious National University of San Agustin in Arequipa.

(01-18-2002) Licensed in Philosophy - with your Wife Rosa and your Grandmother Aida Bachoir

Pedro Oscar Bachoir Caparó had special facility for languages, demonstrating great skill in Spanish, French and English. For many years he was translator for Special Services, Inc., and his command of English was expressed in his poem, "Dove," which was chosen for publication by the National Library of Poetry and the Amherst Society, both of Maryland.

Demonstrating his love of travel, Oscar visited Mexico, for which he had special affection and a dream of living there because of its rich culture and traditions. In 1993, he traveled from Moquegua, Peru, to the U. S. via Ecuador and Colombia, financed by 1,500 stickers he designed on one of his trips to the U. S. and bearing the slogan, "For my country I carry the flag of Peace."

1994 with your mother Rosario Caparó and the Painter Luis Hoyos

In 1994 in Cathedral City, California, he wrote his memoirs and filmed a testimony, "Entre la luz y las sombras; pero nunca en la oscuridad" ("Between the light and the shadows; but never in the darkness"). Before his last journey to the U. S. in 1993, Oscar wrote a conference about "El Amor" ("The Love"), presented to the French Alliance of Arequipa, where he studied French.

Oscar left numerous articles, essays, children's short stories and other items, published in a supplement to the newspaper "Arequipa Al Día," known as "The Fantastic" and "Billiquen." These materials are being collected and compiled.

Pedro Oscar Bachoir Caparó admired the poetic work of his parents, who influenced and inspired him in his own literary output. His deep sense of friendship and generosity were among his best qualities and to the fullest extent possible. Oscar A. Bachoir loved life, his country and was an affectionate and loving father. He shared this love with his daughter, Daniela Alexis, every moment he could.

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