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We present the childlike story "The Liberator of the Cats" by Oscar A. Bachoir.

Oscar A. Bachoir - Writer and philosopher. - Arequipa Peru, August 28, 1967 to November 21st, 2003

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The Liberator of the Cats
The Liberator of the Cats

(PDF Format - 14 Pages - 145 Kb).

Inside a soap bubble slowly descending, the air balances the crystal ball, swinging me from side to side. Suddenly I brush a surface, my crystal vessel disintegrates and finally I don't know where I am. But it is a charming place. I feel a strange energy in my body and I travel down the road with good feeling. I don't know where I'm going, I don't know, but the energy that surrounds my body takes me and I can't stop.

Into my supernatural voyage I start to feel a strange sensation, the earth covered with green leaves that seem to come out of the soil. Instead of stretching their limbs to grab me, they do not want to harm me; they even seem friendly. It's agreeable to see them smile; it seems they want to make me happy. "Continue!" --- "Where did that voice come from?" ---

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